Growing happy, healthy and safe school communities.

Predict and Prevent a range of threats to education from faculty burnout to school violence. As your partner we help save you time, money and stress.

Our unique approach blends on-demand and on-campus support for personal growth and professional development, cultivating faculty longevity, student success, and school safety.

Our dynamic assessment tool analytics (DATA) provides real time feedback for faculty and district leaders. Scaling and sustainability are made simple with school based resilience advocates (RA), our educator longevity program (ELP) to support new hires and our on-demand platform for your entire community of faculty and families.

We look forward to working with you.

Jared Scherz, Ph.D., M.Ed.

How We Do It

Prosilience is the art of growing resilience, which we measure through our unique resilience quotient (RQ). Faculty will explore, discuss, experiment and implement new ways to simultaneously improve mental health for themselves, their students and the community. which we can now measure! 

Your Dedicated District Portal

Our Learning Engagement System allows your district/organization to have their own, custom branded web 'portal'. Fill your virtual library with content for educators to work on their own well-being (self), the success of their class (students) and improve the system they work within (school).

You can use these portals to partner with vendors who help subsidize supports, with opportunities to promote their product or service. These vendors become sponsors who become part of the educational ecosystem, improving the financial health of schools.

Portal Image

At a glance, your portal has ...

  • Access over 270 video based courses
  • Web Events
  • User Management (with reports)
  • Allows Parent Participation
  • Weekly Emailed Stress Tips
  • Communication System (with analytics)
  • Legal, Ethical, Leadership Plus
  • Create Your Own Training
  • Comedians and Humor Workshops
  • Mandated Training Made Fun
  • News Feeds, Blogs and Other Widgets
  • Virtual EAP

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Success Stories

James Harvey

"This book provides a useful introduction to the complex challenge of improving psychosocial emotional learning (PSEL). Building on the experiences of 15 educators, Jared Scherz proposes a new paradigm for whole school and individual health that balances body and brain and builds capacity both to self-regulate and tolerate distress."

James Harvey, President, National Superintendents Roundtable

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