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elgin logoChicago U46

Chicago U46 has over 40,000 students in 57 schools.

 “I first met and attended one of Dr. Scherz workshops at a Bullying Conference in Florida. I was so impressed and taken with his approach to looking at bullying as a precursor to school violence through his books, research and literature that tied together culture and climate as a contributing cause.

In ‘Discipline Reimagined’, a workshop he brought to our 50 administrators, he outlined a new approach to aggression and the whole child, applying psychology to identifying and approaching kids at risk.

In summary, Dr. Scherz brought a different way of approaching and thinking that I hope to develop an ongoing relationship with his work bringing a more wholistic social emotional approach to helping children, families, and faculty in our community.” - John Heiderscheidt, Director of Safety


Toms River LogoTom’s River School District

"For our fourth annual administrator summer retreat, I suspected that our educators might be willing and able to take an evolutionary leap in their training. I immediately thought of Dr. Scherz, having seen him present in other venues. He worked closely with our planning team to tailor a two- hour workshop that not only met the needs of a diverse group of 75 preK-12 and district leaders but challenged us to think differently about students moving forward. More importantly, he left us with tools and strategies to help more students-- particularly those who are disengaged-- succeed." -Dr. Marc Natanagara, Assistant Superintendent of Tom’s River Regional School District


logoMoorestown School District

“Dr. Scherz had possibly the worst time - last session on the third day of in-service after school had let out - and he brilliantly captivated over 100 of my staff. They worked to the last minute and many stayed after to ask questions. His knowledge, presentation style and humor totally engaged the audience. He has a tremendous ability to take challenging content and blend it together with personal stories, anecdotes, and group discussions. At the same time, he masterfully pulls it all together so there are clear formative and summative “take-aways”. Perhaps the best way to sum up the session is to share that my staff, before the session had ended, was already asking me to have him back again so they could learn more!” - Dr. Scott McCartney, Superintendent of Moorestown School District


WO Logo 2West Orange Public Schools

“An organizational focus which is conspicuously absent from many public schools Strategic Action Plans is employee/teacher wellness. Dr. Scherz has made this the focus of his work with Teacher Coach. This platform enable’s districts not only to deliver mandated trainings in an engaging manner; but more importantly offers a wealth of empowering professional learning resources for professional educators with a focus on mindfulness and social emotional balance. It could very well represent a cornerstone in building an employee wellness program.”  – Dr. Scott Cascone, Superintendent of West Orange School District


logo2Southampton Township Schools

“Dr. Scherz created online PD that is much more engaging than what we have experienced with other online PD providers. Dr. Scherz also provided us in-person PD which was SO well-received by our staff! Both his online and in-person PD were wonderful enhancements to our district, and we are grateful for his dedication to helping schools improve the ways they serve teachers and students. We recommend him highly to any district looking to enhance PD opportunities for educators!” - Brianna Chapin, Director of Curriculum of Southampton School District


logo3Springfield Township School District

“Dr. Scherz provided my district with an engaging, impactful and personalized workshop. The teachers involved not only enjoyed their time with Dr. Scherz, but asked to have him back next year. The knowledge and experience he brings to a "live" presentation are readily seen in the TeacherCoach professional development modules. With pertinent information presented in a fun manner that is just the right length of time (not too short as to withhold relevant information but not too long to lose the audience's interest), the Teacher Coach platform will be a welcome addition to Springfield's professional development offerings. Dr. Scherz is a true professional and his commitment to giving back to the education profession is admirable.” - Craig Vaughn, Superintendent of Springfield School District


“TeacherCoach is an excellent way for administrators to provide necessary professional development, and it gives life to those "boring" topics that are an annual must! The variety of topics offered allows teachers to govern their own professional development. This is so important because who better knows what you need in order to grow than yourself. The best part is that the topics help teachers with not only their professional growth but their personal growth as well. TeacherCoach is an excellent tool to allow schools to save money on professional development while also making money just for utilizing the resources. “Asia Michael, Director of Curriculum for Springfield School District.


PLCPineland Learning Center

“It is both my pleasure and my honor to acknowledge and praise Jared for his interactive presentations on “Stress Management” and “Relationship Enhancement” at Pineland Learning Center during our

professional development day focused on staff wellness. Jared’s candid style and humor won over the packed dining hall of faculty and staff the minute he began speaking! Several of our staff members were so intrigued by Jared’s first presentation on stress that they chose to attend his relationship workshop. I attended both sessions and was absolutely amazed at how comfortable our staff members were when

they shared their feelings and opened up their hearts and minds. In the 30 years I have enjoyed working in the field of education, I have rarely attended workshop sessions with the high level of involvement and interaction that Jared’s workshops provide. The following are quotes from our staff members:

HURRY to book Jared to speak with your faculty and staff! - Christine Skinner, M.A. Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Pineland Learning Center, Vineland, NJ


Vdoe logoVirginia Department of Education

“Dr. Scherz presented at the Virginia Department of Education's Safe and Supportive Schools Conference in March 2019. Dr. Scherz presented content tailored to the audience and provided practical activities for educators to put into practice to help students, families, and school personnel. Dr. Scherz is very knowledgeable in many content areas and provided a keynote address that was engaging and communicated social emotional learning concepts in such a way that all attendees understood and followed his presentation. We were happy to have Dr. Scherz speak at our conference and we would consider reaching out to him for future presentations. “- Gregory Michael


LogoLakeland Regional High School

“Over the years that I have known Dr. Jared Scherz, I have found him to be a highly competent, practical and creative practitioner. I have attended Dr. Scherz’s workshops and have walked away with not only a wealth of knowledge but a complete change in perspective. I have left Dr. Scherz’s workshops revitalized, motivated and eager to share what I learned with my colleagues. Dr. Scherz has spoken to the NJ Association of School Administrators Executive Committee and impressed everyone with his knowledge and in-depth understanding of topics relevant to the world of education. As president of the Passaic County Association of School Administrators, I invited Dr. Scherz to speak at one of our monthly roundtable meetings where he impressed and gained the well-deserved respect and appreciation from all those in attendance. Dr. Scherz is an outstanding resource to any school district. His empathy, understanding, and practical awareness is refreshing, thought provoking and inspirational.” – Mr. Hugh Beattie, Superintendent of Lakeland Regional High School.


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