DATA Overview

Predicting & Preventing the main threats to education including attrition, learning loss, and school violence, requires advanced analytics to guide decision making. We have innovated the most advanced system for assessing well-being in all of education.

Our Dynamic Assessment Tool Analytics or DATA, will help you determine the efficacy of current efforts and the specific areas of concern for your faculty. Recruitment/ Retention, PD, and wellness efforts can all be measured with a leaderboard/ points system for fun competition with rewards to drive participation.

Faculty and families will gain immediate recommendations including video-based engagement from our large library of personal growth and professional development.

At the core of this work is RQ, a measure of resilience that helps districts understand the trends of their community in key areas of individual and organizational health. Search by school, role, or one of nine elements of resilience, to better understand where prevention and intervention are needed.



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