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Please consult our commonly asked questions and answers. if you don't see the information you are looking for, please contact us.

What is our Mission?

We believe that supporting the most important professionals on the planet is the key to school success. While most companies focus on the students, we at TC posit that healthy and happy educators will produce successful student outcomes. Educator health and wellness is critical during this challenging time, requiring a persistent stream of support for their physical and psychological well-being. We also believe that educators who are self-reflective, meaning they can see themselves clearly in relation to others, will make better contact with students, enriching academic, psychosocial emotional and moral development. TeacherCoach is proud of the fact:

1. We are the ONLY company in the US that combines/brings/provides personal growth AND professional development to the educator/school district.   

2. Help districts become the Hub of Wellness for the Community 

3. Generate Revenue for the school district thereby reducing their dependence on State and Federal Funding

live well2. teach well

How does TeacherCoach work with districts?

A dedicated district portal is created by a ‘portal admin’, which gets embedded directly into your district website with one link (although it’s all stored on a secure server taking up no space or bandwith for you). You assign an administrator(s) who monitors learning progress through a control management system. (cms) Only those you authorize to use the site have access. Educators take engagements whenever and wherever without any cost to the school or teacher. You can allow families in your community access to any engagement(s) you select. TeacherCoach will provide regular webinars and special events, such as half day workshops. We can also help with consulting, coaching, and other unique training needs. For a recorded demo:

The hub of community wellness?

Families are appreciative of the district for providing free resources, encouraging their cooperation and involvement, As the hub of wellness for their community, districts bring families and educators together to serve the best interest of the child. Parents/caregivers are provided with access to all the personal growth content such as: anxiety in children, bullying, and SEL. The primary benefits include:

  • Top mental, physical and emotional health professionals are at their fingertips that may not otherwise have been available. 
  • Promoting and supporting total community wellness
  • Helps differentiate your school district
  • Improving student achievement through family involvement 

What is an LES?

A learning engagement system (LES) is similar to an LMS but more evolved in terms of the congruence between software and content. The software has many features that make multimedia and multimodal presentations available from outside consultants or within the school district. Our LES allows you to create your own engagements and webinars. If those trainings are high quality and applicable to other educators, you can elect to notify TC and we will assess for suitability. These trainings can then be offered to other states where income can be generated for both the content creator and the district.

What is an ecosystem?

Now more than ever, partnerships within the school community are essential. Through TC ecosystems, school districts receive financial support from the community, supporting educators inside and outside the classroom. Districts are able to extend the same supports to parents in their communities, creating a multi pronged approach to overcoming the crisis. With the financial hardship from Covid-19, we have to come together as communities to support our schools. By using local, regional, and national sponsors, we can provide free personal growth and professional development. Districts who are comfortable with this model, will support the sponsors by allowing them access to educators and families, seeing their branding appear inside of their portals, and even having live infomercials during virtual workshops. The future of education will see this model expand.

What is an engagement?

Engagements are to an LES as 'courses' are to an LMS (Learning  Management System). Our focus is on making your personal and professional learning enjoyable, stimulating, and sustainable. We know you have little time and we wish to make every second count. Our learning is also focused on helping you better make contact with your audience, thus our engagement is for you, our client, and for your client. Engagements come in Sets of 2-5, separated by topics such as stress, anxiety, leadership, etc. Engagements have a video averaging 10 minutes, with exercises, activities, resources, and for professional development, a quiz. The engagements are designed to stimulate self-reflection, introduce theory, and elicit new strategies. This is an example of different videos in a montage on childhood trauma:

How do districts earn money?

The average school administrator is solicited multiple times a week by a vendor looking to sell a product or service. Saving these admins time, we provide a simple packet that solicitors can use to sponsor courses. When you turn a solicitor into a sponsor, you earn revenue. As long as the vendor isn't from a soda, fast food, pharma company, or anything that is antithetical to our wellness brand, they may be considered for sponsorship. The more districts the sponsor promotes their message to the larger the revenue for the district. Local, regional, and national sponsors are eligible.

What is the cost?

Our work to support the organizational health and individual wellness of your community also includes financial health. We utilize sponsors to either make the platform free or to reduce costs for your district. The ultimate goal is to make the portals revenue generating so you have a new income stream to gain additional supports or for other purposes.

We encourage districts to build their library gradually over time, paying only one time for each 'set' that you keep in your portal for as long as you maintain it. If districts opt not to use our sponsorship model, the simple formula uses the number of certified teachers, multiplied times the numbers of sets, times $8 (1 set), $7 (3 sets), $6 (6 sets), etc. This is a one time fee with a small annual renewal. Contact us for a customized quote. We are consistently told that we cost a third of traditional online PD and twice the value.

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How easy is the portal to use?

YES!  Navigating the portal is simple with a few clicks you can begin virtual learning, join a live webinar, or sign up for coaching.  Educators and parents can take engagements on their computers, tablets, and phone no matter where they are at any time. On-demand personal growth and professional development engagements are brief, respectful of limited time and energy. Navigating the portal is simple, with just a couple of clicks to begin your virtual learning or join a live webinar. Creating a training to place in your portal is also easy, as is creating your own webinar. This is an image of a dedicated district portal:


What about learning communities?

The goal is to archive and share information so that educators can access and cross train with colleagues. Our social networking platform and shared content makes collaboration with those inside and outside your school simple. Educators can create their own training, take learning engagements together and network with other educators from across the country.

What is a hybrid model?

The most effective learning comes from a combination of online and real time training. Foundational learning can be done on one's own time at their own pace. More in-depth experiential learning that applies the principles from the engagement is available through webinars and workshops. Coaching is also available, helping educator put the learning into practice, overcoming obstacles, or doing a deeper dive into the material. Engagement creators (content experts) are available to learners through email, coaching, and webinars.

What do administrators appreciate most about this model?

Feedback includes appreciation of the cost savings, the inclusion of teacher mental health, resources for parents, revenue generation, convenience, mandated training made interesting, the branded portals, and the ease of monitoring progress of learners.

Is the learning sustainable?

People do not learn with one exposure to new information, nor do they implement strategies without working through their own resistance. Our trainings are grounded in the paradoxical theory of change: nothing can be different until we first understand what it is. Our learning is geared toward intellectual and experiential learning, which is why we offer a combination of online learning, webinars, and coaching.

Does personal growth really matter?

Absolutely! Our research shows that over 97% of teachers agree with the idea that personal stress impacts work in the classroom. Understanding the rise in teacher stress and the decline in teacher longevity suggests that resiliency is key in sustaining good educators. Districts that invest in the well-being of their faculty, find greater student achievement. Personal growth includes physical health, psychological health, wellness and SEL.

How do you work with sponsors?

Districts who are interested in reducing the cost of TeacherCoach or having it fully funded, we offer the opportunity to work with our sponsors.  Through these relationships we create an ecosystem where everybody wins!

1. We work with companies that are synergistic to our TC wellness brand

2. School districts provide a list of vendors/solicitors whereby we convert them into sponsors 

3. Sponsors will have the opportunity to promote their work to your faculty

4. School districts are able to choose a sponsored or non-sponsored portal


Here is a sample letter we provide to district leaders to save you time from solicitations and begin generating revenue for your district.

How do school boards feel about sponsorship?

Schools have been increasing their creativity to secure outside funding for operations. With changes on the educational landscape, schools recognize that financial self-sufficiency is critical for a districts survival. Some districts have sought endowments to name stadiums and others post advertising in their gyms and on their outside signs. With TC, we insulate the students from advertisers, so there is no risk of polluting the school environment. And all our sponsors must adhere to our strict mission and vision of health and wellness.

Does the sponsorship model have any proof of concept?

There is a growing trend toward independent revenue streams for public school districts, who have to compete with privately owned Charter Schools and evaporating state/ federal funding. As a result, districts have turned to help from the for-profit sector, which is an 80 billion dollar industry (education business). With the financial hardship in communities from the pandemic, we have to work together creating ecosystems where districts, families and community businesses all help each other. Here are some articles on the topic:






Is learning available for administrators and teachers?

All faculty will find engagements suited for them, ranging from legal fluency to ethical issues. All faculty will benefit from this platform because everybody needs support in some form with their personal and professional lives.

Keep your eye out for PriincipalCoach coming soon!

What is the free package about?

Through the generosity of our sponsor, you don't pay for our free mental health and SEL package. For as long as you use the portal, you will have access to all the LES features and the content. Our sponsor, Teachers Pension Consulting would like to meet with you to explain their work. This infographic and introductory letter describe the nature of their business, which fits well into the TeacherCoach model. Teachers Pension Consulting is interested in educating your faculty so they make smart decisions around retirement. Educators are happy to meet with them and plan for a future of economic prosperity.

How do we get started?

The process is quick and simple. Either go to our virtual menu and fill out the information on which sets you would like or let us know you are interested in our free mental health and SEL package. Once you set up your portal, we will populate it with the desired training and you can get started. You will want to assign a portal admin to manage the users, decide if you want your parent community to have access (and to what engagements) and set up a training time with TC to orient your faculty.

What is the catch?

The most common statement we hear from district leaders is, "this sounds too good to be true.". The amount of quality support we provide districts through live and on-demand support is unlike anything a district has experienced before. Our desire to change the entire system of education means we needed to introduce a new model, a dramatic shift from how schools were supported. So the simple answer is there is no catch, we are here to make your life easier.

Can you explain some of the terminology you use?

Engagement: A virtual “course” including a video averaging 10 minutes, key points (for download), an exercise, activity, or homework, and a quiz (for professional development but not personal growth). These are all on-demand. When you purchase a single engagement or a Set, they remain in your library where anybody in your community can access them at any time.

Set: A cluster of 2-5 engagements, all on the same topic and generally consecutive (series). We divide these into Personal Growth and Professional Development: https://www.teachercoach.com/menu

Personal Growth: These topics include wellness, psychological health, and physical health, divided into three areas: Family, Relationships, and Self.

Professional Development: These topics are culture, law, engagement, leadership, mandates, orientation, technology.

Webinars: The live virtual training we offer at least once per month, free to all our clients. The topics will be heavily skewed toward mental health, SEL & Equity this year.

Coaching: Can either be one on one or a group setting. Coaching may be topic driven or process driven, meaning people can work on the general heading of leadership.

Workshop: A virtual or in-person training with a small or large group, generally lasting a couple of hours to a full day. Workshops may be done in series over time. They are all interactive and experiential, sometimes including unique offerings such as live interactive play with professional actors.

Presentation: A single one hour topic with minimal interaction from the members.

Can I offer the learning to my parent community?

Yes! Parents can be given access to any engagement or set in your library. They never pay and are included in the pricing. We believe that parents need to be collaborators and partners to the learning process, especially when it relates to SEL. Parents can also take training in how to partner effectively with their child's teacher.

Can you explain your webinars?

We offer webinars on average, one to two times per month. The topics range but are generally concentrated on psychological well-being, SEL, and mental health. Nearly all of our webinars are free to our partner school districts and their entire community (faculty and families). You can earn certificates of completion to use for professional development, by answering questions at the conclusion of the webinar. The length of these webinars are generally 30-60 minutes. You may also access all of our archived webinars done over the past year, by clicking on that button. You generally need to register in advance but sometimes you can enter the webinar without advanced notice, so long as there is room available. The interactive webinar calendar lists the events you can put your mouse over or click on for more information.

Does TC have any SEL or Mental Health that is student facing?

Yes. We have a number of different supports available for your student. The first are virtual series such as The Me I Foresee, a hip hop SEL themed play which teachers can watch with their students. This series comes with discussion material and an optional in person workshop where students get trained as the performers.

We also have a partnership with Hey Kiddo Huddle, which is an easy to use SEL tool for parents, teachers, and students. This ingenious system provides educators with everything they need to lead quick and impactful discussion with students, covering all of CASEL's dimensions of SEL.


HeyKiddo™ Huddle is an award-winning social, emotional & leadership curriculum for 1st through 6th grade. Designed by psychologists, educators and child experts, HeyKiddo™ Hey Kiddo2Huddle provides educators with: 

  • A complete no-preparation curriculum that takes 15-minutes a day for virtual or in-person classrooms
  • Progress tracking throughout the course of the year using DESSA
  • Daily conversations that can be adjusted to each child’s needs
  • Offline, creative weekly activities that deepen learning

Coming soon: The ability to send parents/caregivers areas of social and emotional development to address in the home to enhance success in the classroom


HeyKiddo™ Talk is an award-winning coaching subscription for parents, delivered by text. It is designed for parents and caregivers to use with their children (grades 1-6). Hey Kiddo TalkHeyKiddo™ Talk provides: 

  • Conversation starters, coaching tips, and activities to help build social, emotional and leadership skills
  • Resources for how to address world events (COVID-19, school closures, racial injustice, etc.) that impact our children
  • The ability to text our team of psychologists and child experts with topic requests 
  • Coming Soon: The ability to receive input from a child’s teacher to help enhance success in the classroom