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What is Our Mission?

Our primary purpose is to prevent attrition. We accomplish this goal by growing resilience through a process we call Prosilience, serving as stress inoculation for faculty. Results are a safer school community, more engaged students, and the prevention of burnout. We will reduce leader stress and save you valuable time, as your partner for individual and organizational health. This is both a product and a service, but mostly it’s a therapeutic relationship to promote healing and growth. Our intention is to create sustainability, so that you improve internal self-reliance to save money and increase agency.

How Do We Prevent Attrition?

At the core of this issue is burnout, resulting from chronic stress, eroding our psychological stability. As we inoculate against new stress, raise our capacity for emotional discomfort, and help make work more enjoyable, we can improve longevity. Faculty learn to improve their own health so they can better handle the challenges of their work and feel greater success. Happier and healthier educators stay longer in their jobs.

How does it all work?

We designed a unique software system that combines self-determined learning with group experiential learning. Combining personal growth and professional development allows us to support the whole educator, both inside and outside of the classroom. Through our Learning Engagement System (LES), we layer different mediums and methods to optimize learning for the adults in your community (including faculty and student families). We offer opportunities to rehearse, implement and discuss experimentation of new ideas, measuring the outcomes for individuals and aggregate data for the organization.

Educators have full access to a 24-7 on-demand support system that measures their progress and offers guidance on areas to improve upon. Our unique brand of edutainment, makes it all fun and interesting, so faculty look forward to using it. You decide on Resilience Advocates (RA) who help to motivate faculty to engage in personal growth and professional development. We scaffold additional services based on what makes the most sense for your district.

What is a Resilience Advocate?

Resilience Advocate (RA’s) are the liaison between the school and TeacherCoach, serving as motivational ambassadors for health and wellness. RA’s are well respected members of the school community embarking this leadership role to improve the individual and organizational health of your school. You will trained and supported to help with accountability, engagement, and program sustainability. In this inaugural year of the program, you will chiefly benefit from advanced learning on a range of psychological topics but will also enjoy networking and other rewards for participating.

How is it Sustainable?

Our software is designed to help individuals track their progress and plan for continuous growth. At any time, faculty can earn points toward rewards that simultaneously help them improve their well-being. As faculty develop a healthy competition for personal growth, a sense of community grows supporting ongoing work.

Through our use of Resilience Advocates (RA’s), we create a culture of greater agency for individual health, taking the burden off the administration. Through self-care and educator-care, our RA’s learn through a six month program how to facilitate engagement. The ultimate goal is to move from active partner to passive resource, putting control in the hands of your staff. Self-determined learning (Heutagogy) becomes the primary mode of learning and TC remains in a supportive role to help continue scaling.

What is an Engagement?

Engagements are to an LES as 'courses' are to an LMS (Learning  Management System). Our focus is on making your personal and professional learning enjoyable. We know you have little time and we wish to make every second count. Our learning is also focused on helping you better make contact with your audience, thus our engagement is for you, our client, and for your client.

What is an LES?

A learning engagement system (LES) is similar to an LMS but more evolved in terms of the congruence between software and content. The software has many features that make multimedia and multimodal presentations available from outside consultants or within the school district.

Is PD really less expensive?

Yes. The goal is to save schools money while developing a new revenue stream to use to improve the quality of education. We encourage districts to build their library gradually over time at a fraction of the price of traditional PD.

How do districts earn money?

The average school administrator is solicited multiple times a week by a vendor looking to sell a product or service. Saving these admins time, we provide a simple packet that solicitors can use to sponsor courses. When you turn a solicitor into a sponsor, you earn revenue.

What do administrators appreciate most about this model?

Feedback includes appreciation of the cost savings, the inclusion of teacher mental health, resources for parents, revenue generation, convenience, mandated training made interesting, the branded portals, and the ease of monitoring progress of learners.

Is the learning impactful?

People do not learn with one exposure to new information, nor do they implement strategies without working through their own resistance. Our trainings are grounded in the paradoxical theory of change: nothing can be different until we first understand what it is. Our learning is geared toward intellectual and experiential learning, which is why we offer a combination of online learning, webinars, and coaching.

Does personal growth really matter?

Our research shows that over 97% of teachers agree with the idea that personal stress impacts work in the classroom. Understanding the rise in teacher stress and the decline in teacher longevity suggests that resiliency is key in sustaining good educators.

Is learning available for administrators and teachers?

All faculty will find engagements suited for them, ranging from legal fluency to ethical issues. All faculty will benefit from this platform because everybody needs support in some form with their personal and professional lives.

How are engagements selected?

Experts in every field, including authors, university professors, distinguished educators, health experts and others go through a rigorous vetting process before being selected as a content expert.

What is a hybrid model?

The most effective learning comes from a combination of online and real time training. This is why engagement creators (content experts) are available to learners through email, coaching, and webinars.

How do schools become the hub of community wellness?

Families are thrilled to have free resources provided by their school. Experts in parenting, relationships, health and other topics provide a simple and convenient method to receive help. Schools will become the hub of wellness for their community, helping bring families and educators together to serve the best interest of the child.

How easy is the site to use?

Educators and parents can take engagements on their computers, tablets, and phone no matter where they are. Engagements are brief, respectful of limited time and energy. Navigating the site is simple, with just three clicks to take a course.

What about learning communities?

The goal is to archive and share information so that educators can access and cross train with colleagues. Our social networking platform and shared content makes collaboration with those inside and outside your school simple.

How does sponsorship work?

We offer two options to businesses, organizations, and associations that work inside and out of education. The first option is to sponsor an engagement, portal, or training that reaches your target audience. You may also create a dedicated portal for your organization, which can be used to train staff or add a value for your education client.

How do school boards feel about sponsorship?

Schools have been increasing their creativity to secure outside funding for operations. With changes on the educational landscape, schools recognize that financial self-sufficiency is critical for a districts survival. Some districts have sought endowments to name stadiums and others post advertising in their gyms and on their outside signs. With TC, we insulate the students from advertisers, so there is no risk of polluting the school environment. And all our sponsors must adhere to our strict mission and vision of health and wellness.

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