Where Education and Psychology Come Together...

At TC we believe in addressing the needs of the whole person. If teachers are going to offer their best in the classroom, their health and well-being need to be at its best.

Similar to a student who comes to school stressed, which impacts their learning, an educator who comes to school stressed will find their teaching impacted.

Building learning communities requires an appreciation of the wants of the individual and the needs of the institution, which is why personalized learning is valuable. When schools promote learning they find valuable for organizational growth and educators immerse in their own unique development, engagement grows.

Traditional professional development offers strategies and solutions, but seldom does it stimulate a deeper understanding of why problems exist and how to make sustainable changes. How to address resistance, systemic influences, external processes, and other significant elements of a learning environment- need to be part of any learning for an educator.

Personal Growth + Professional Development = Whole Teacher (PG+PD=WT) introduces a new paradigm for supporting educators. PG & PD blends support around issues that impact a teacher inside and outside of the classroom.

To recruit and retain quality educators, we must find new ways of supporting educators that promote investment in their work. At TC we believe improving physical and psychological health is the foundation for pedagogy, orientation, and engagement.

Teachers need to feel safe, prepared, and supported.

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Our PG &PD programs differ from others in several ways: