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"For our fourth annual administrator summer retreat, I suspected that our educators might be willing and able to take an evolutionary leap in their training. I immediately thought of Dr. Scherz, having seen him present in other venues. He worked closely with our planning team to tailor a two- hour workshop that not only met the needs of a diverse group of 75 preK-12 and district leaders but challenged us to think differently about students moving forward. More importantly, he left us with tools and strategies to help more students-- particularly those who are disengaged-- succeed."

- Dr. Marc Natanagara Assistant Superintendent Toms River School District

“Dr. Scherz had possibly the worst time - last session on the third day of in-service after school had let out - and he brilliantly captivated over 100 of my staff. They worked to the last minute and many stayed after to ask questions. His knowledge, presentation style and humor totally engaged the audience. He has a tremendous ability to take challenging content and blend it together with personal stories, anecdotes, and group discussions. At the same time, he masterfully pulls it all together so there are clear formative and summative “take-aways”. Perhaps the best way to sum up the session is to share that my staff, before the session had ended, was already asking me to have him back again so they could learn more!”

- Dr. Scott McCartney Superintendent Moorestown School District