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"Whole School Health Through Psychosocial Emotional Learning highlights the importance of relationships, communication, and compassion for others. It presents a critical view in supporting, training, and retaining teachers through the lens of engaging and modeling behaviors that will help our rural students be better civic leaders and community members. My favorite quote from the book gives credit to the author's upbringing and modeling from his parents: 'We must experience the world through others so we can fully engage in educating all children. My father and mother modeled to me and my siblings how to experience the world through somebody else’s eyes, especially if their outer differences stirred up discomfort or displeasure, enriching all lives involved.' I recommend all leaders, teachers, and stakeholders secure their copy as they prepare for school."

- Allen Pratt Executive Director National Rural Education Association (NREA)

“While education faces an unrelenting threat, Dr. Jared Scherz reminds us to invest in our frontline defense. Impactful personal narratives blended with a new paradigm around SEL makes Dr. Scherz one of our premier thought leaders in education and this book a must read.”

- Dr. Richard Bozza Executive Director New Jersey Association of School Administrators (NJASA)