Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Dedicated District PortalCustomizable Learning Engagement System (LES) to create your own engagements and live web events. The portal has a full communication system with segmented messaging, links and open analytics. Your portal allows you to manage users and TC content, with certificates of completion and reports. Customize your landing page and allow parents/caregivers access to any virtual or live content at no extra cost.
Live Monthly Virtual EventsThis may include professional comedians, trivia nights, humor workshops, family game nights, holistic health, live group therapy, wellness webinars and more. These virtual events allow for educators, their families and community members to experience live stress relief and socialization. Educator interviews and a live executive coaching session make these events more personal for your faculty.
Parent & Caregiver AccessYour entire caregiver community (faculty and student families) can access whatever virtual engagements you make available to them. They can also attend all virtual events.
Resilience Advocate TrainingResilience Advocate (RA’s) are the liaison between the school and TeacherCoach, serving as motivational ambassadors for health and wellness. RA’s are well respected members of the school community embarking on this leadership role to improve agency for individual and organizational health, reducing the burden on administration. RA’s will be trained and supported to help with accountability, engagement, and program sustainability.
Self Generated ContentUtilize the LES portal to create your own synchronous and asynchronous supports including virtual engagements, orientation sessions, web events, and more. Send out communications to specific faculty groups and see engagement analytics.
Virtual ContentYou can select your focus area (Recruitment/Retention, Student Success, or Violence Prevention). Select 3 sets or (e.g., Stress Parts I, II, III) or five singular engagements from content areas.
Vlog, SELFIE and Stress CornerYou have multiple widgets on your portal home page including a vlog, SELFIE (SEL for Educators), bookstore, edu-news periodical and a stress corner. The stress corner includes video from professional comedians.
Weekly Health EmailsA weekly 'stress tip' will be sent through your branded portal, helping to cultivate insight and action. Faculty will be reminded of upcoming events and special promotional opportunities through our sponsors.
Assessment and TrackingPre and Post to measure efficacy while gaining valuable insight into faculty needs. Virtual dashboard for districts to view real time information on faculty trends (burnout, stress, engagement) coming in 2023.
Educator Longevity Program (ELP)It is becoming increasingly difficulty to attract and retain new faculty. The goal is to grow psychological resilience to prevent attrition. Educators will learn about individual, student, and organizational health. They will learn and rehearse new skills, develop a support network, and create a framework for long term success.
Leadership SupportYour school and district leadership team can select between group and individual consultation to address critical areas such as preventing burnout. Group work series on specific topics can be developed upon request.
Virtual Content (Multiple Sets)You can select your focus area (Recruitment/ Retention, Student Success, or Violence Prevention, each of which come with specific virtual content. A selection of 5 full sets will be included.
Virtual EAPFaculty can participate in our Educator Assistance Program (EAP) psycho-educational support groups. These virtual groups have specific topics related to mental health/Adult SEL, and are focused on personal/professional growth. An on-campus half day visit from health professionals may be substituted with advanced planning.
Advanced Virtual EAPA licensed clinician will be available for telehealth on a specific day during the week. These private sessions can be conducted by zoom or phone.
Book Study GroupsFaculty will enjoy this five part virtual group where they work on both personal and professional issues. They can meet other educators who help to expand their network and expand their support network. Our sponsors are interested in buying books for the book study!
Caregiver Web EventAny parent or caregiver in your community can benefit from expert help supporting both their child’s learning process and their teacher. This unique service is conducted by parent specialists who are former educators/ school leaders. These evening events help promote mutually beneficial relationships between home and community. This can be upgraded to a three-part series.
Faculty Workshop or KeynoteA virtual learning experience for your educators, blending the independent study from the virtual engagements with small group discussion and experimentation. Professional actors are often used to help liven the experience bringing cohesion to your faculty. Multiple workshops are available by request. Alternatively, the entire faculty can participate in a memorable keynote (one uses a professional comedian and former educator).
Virtual Content (Multiple Sets)You can select your focus area (Recruitment/ Retention, Student Success, or Violence Prevention, each of which come with specific virtual content. A selection of 7 full sets on multiple topics will be included.
Annual Fee $95.00/Faculty $125.00/Faculty $155.00/Faculty
Additional Sets (i.e. Stress Parts I, II, III) $7.00/Faculty $6.00/Faculty $5.00/Faculty
Add Mandated Training (13 Sets) One Time Fee $15.00/Faculty $13.00/Faculty $12.00/Faculty