Educator Assistance Program


While the needs of your community (faculty, students and families) was extremely high these past two years, utilization of health and wellness was remarkably low. TeacherCoach is solving this problem with a unique array of services offered live and on-demand:

Live Monthly Events (Series)


With 58% of educators reporting mental health concerns, the challenges of recruitment/ retention, and the residual impact on student learning, districts are looking for creative ways to support their faculties. What was once a service only available to large for-profit businesses, is now an option for schools.

Our specialized educator EAP offers a menu of live virtual options including some unique options such as parenting classes, yoga, cooking classes, financial health, live coaching, group support and even a monthly comedy hour. Educators and their families will always have activities to support their personal growth and professional development.

TeacherCoach offers two different EAP's to fit the needs of your district:


On-Site Clinical Support

Licensed mental health clinicians will be on campus, available to your faculty, providing brief individual or group support on-demand. This work will involve individual and small group work to maximize time. Clinicians will circulate throughout the building, checking in with faculty on their well-being. The result are educators who feel cared for and supported by the district.

Virtual Support

Licensed mental health clinicians will be designated each month, similar to “office hours”, for therapeutic support. These brief group meetings will help faculty identify the source of their distress, appreciate internal resources, and develop a plan for ongoing success. These 45- minute individual and 60 minute group sessions sessions will allow for less costly scaling for the entire district.


Download an overview of our EAP and for more information or contact us to learn more.