Grow Student Achievement

Improve school health and faculty wellness for student achievement.

  1. Teacher Stress: When educators are happier and tolerating unpleasantness well, they complain less and are more hopeful. This attitude trickles down to the students and allows for greater patience with the students.
  2. Educator Health: When faculty are in better psychological and physical health, there is less absenteeism. Healthier faculty save money on substitutes and maintain continuity for students. Healthy teachers have more energy and are more creative with instruction
  3. Legal & Ethical Issues: When faculty are better trained around boundaries and other sensitive issues, there is less risk of legal or moral consequences. Students will feel safer and the school culture will be more secure.
  4. School Safety: When educators work to improve the organizational health of the school, understanding the complexity of inclusive vs exclusive aggression, the overall safety and security of the students improves.
  5. Including Parents: When parents and families are supported by the district they become more involves in their child’s education, supporting every level of education.
  6. Wellness: Educators giving more of their time, money and energy than most any profession. When we offer support for these caregivers in their professional and personal lives, their appreciation for the school grows.
  7. Engagement: Understanding how to make deep contact with students, co-workers, leaders, and subordinates creates a climate of hope. Students experience this depth and intimacy as a second home, where greatness is inspired.