School Law: Liability Part I

Engagement Description


This engagement will give educators the information they need to protect themselves and their schools from being held liable for student injury. It will enable teachers and administrators to have a common understanding of the law that applies to student injuries and to collaborate as partners in the practice of preventive law. The lesson will empower educators to take appropriate legal action when needed. Thus, for example, teachers will no longer fail to discipline a students or fail to break up a fight because of unfounded fear of being sued.

Learning Objectives

  1. Teachers will understand what an injured student must prove to hold teachers and/or schools liable for negligence.
  2. Teachers will learn how insurance and laws protect them from personal liability.
  3. Teachers will be able to apply the “Reasonably Prudent Teacher” standard to prevent liability for student injury.

About the Author

David Schimmel, J.D.

David Schimmel, J.D.

David Schimmel, J.D. is Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and from 1999 to 2010 was Visiting Professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. He is author of over 70 articles and co-author of 8 books about law and education, including Teachers and the Law, 9th Ed. (2015).

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