How to Like the Unlikeable Student Part II

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Each year there may be one or several students who seem to take up the majority of your time. Whether its defiance, distraction, or apathy, these students can disrupt your class and add stress to your day. This course goes deep into strategy based on the ideas put forth in the first course.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define how difficult students are affecting your classroom.
  2. Explore the ways you can positively deal with these students.
  3. Begin to employ the in-depth strategies you will  learn in this course.

About the Author

Jared Scherz, Ph.D., M.Ed., ACS

Jared Scherz, Ph.D., M.Ed., ACS

Dr. Scherz is a clinical psychologist, author, and educational consultant, working with educators for over twenty years. He earned his Master's in Education from Penn State University and went on to be an elementary school guidance counselor before earning his Ph.D.

As educators are more likely to invest their personal time, money, and energy into their work, support both inside the classroom is required.

My vision for TeacherCoach is to support the most important professionals on the planet in both your personal and professional lives. With healthy educators and a healthy school organization, students will thrive.

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