Anxiety in Children Part IV

Engagement Description


A more in depth exploration of the causes of anxiety including the imbalance between brain and body, the focus on outcomes over processes, a reduced capacity for distress, perfectionism, and other causative factors. Consider the difference between ages of children and how anxiety manifests. The teachers put their knowledge to the test with a question and answer session.

Learning Objectives

  1. Appreciate the continuum of a young person's capacity for distress.
  2. Understand how the brain/body imbalance is a primary cause of anxiety in the western hemisphere.
  3. Ask yourself key questions about children you know with anxiety to improve your empathy.

About the Author

Jared Scherz, Ph.D., M.Ed., ACS

Jared Scherz, Ph.D., M.Ed., ACS

Dr. Scherz is a clinical psychologist, author, and educational consultant, working with educators for over twenty years. He earned his Master's in Education from Penn State University and went on to be an elementary school guidance counselor before earning his Ph.D.

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