360 Degrees of Integrity

Engagement Description


360° of Integrity is a clear, concise view of how people tend to self-tyrannize. And, it suggests a path out of the habit. Tyranny might show up as making ourselves less or trying to appear big when we feel small. Sometimes we insist on being equal, when it would be best to follow or lead. These cultural norms can be transcended almost as easily as they were learned. This leads to acting with more sovereignty.

Learning Objectives

  1. Become aware of self-tyranny as a dynamic at play.
  2. Become interested in breaking the pattern of tyranny.
  3. Identify areas where self-tyranny is happening, and experiment breaking one pattern.

About the Author

Vonda Bates

Vonda Bates

Vonda Bates, CEO of 10th Dot, has fostered hundreds of allegiances and guided just as many individuals toward self-mastery using 10th Dot’s personal and professional collaboration approaches. 10th Dot customizes collaboration tools to help leaders and organizations gain and sustain momentum. Vonda works with individuals to achieve objectives, form engaged teams, create influential communications, spark innovation, and make a positive environmental, social and economic impact. Her 28-year career spans a broad array of capabilities across all major sectors. Find her on Linkedin.com/in/vondavaden or at 10thDot.com

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