The Me I Foresee Part II

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Teach our young minds “What we focus on EXPANDS” using daily affirmations with a writing prompt! By selecting attention, students will appreciate the power of cognitive reframing to regulate mood and improve confidence.


Learning Objectives

Students will be introduced to daily journal technique to document “proud of” moments.

About the Author

TJ Sokso

TJ Sokso

T.J. leads the Walnut Street Theatre’s education program that reaches more than 150,000 students annually. Theatre programming includes the Theatre School, Touring Outreach, Residency Programs, Disney Musicals in Schools, Camp Walnut, Adopt-a-School programs, and WST for Kids Series. He has spent the past fifteen years working for the School District of Philadelphia as a CAPA Specialist. His experience includes over 100 productions as an actor/director and seventeen years of teaching in the Walnut’s Theatre School.

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