Social Emotional Learning Part IX

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For students to have successful relationships, they need to recognize and care about the feelings of others. If they can tune into their experience of feelings, they will move toward greater ownership and the ability to take actions that consider themselves in relation to others. With empathy potentially on the decline, it's imperative this life skill be supported at school. This represents the CASEL core competency of Social Awareness.

Learning Objectives

  1. To define empathy as a character trait and a way of relating with others.
  2. Examine barriers to empathy such as entitlement.
  3. Learn new tools for promoting empathy in students of all ages.

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Jared Scherz, Ph.D., M.Ed., ACS

Jared Scherz, Ph.D., M.Ed., ACS

Dr. Scherz is a clinical psychologist, author, and educational consultant, working with educators for over twenty years. He earned his Master's in Education from Penn State University and went on to be an elementary school guidance counselor before earning his Ph.D.

As educators are more likely to invest their personal time, money, and energy into their work, support both inside the classroom is required.

My vision for TeacherCoach is to support the most important professionals on the planet in both your personal and professional lives. With healthy educators and a healthy school organization, students will thrive.

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