School Law: Student Freedom of Expression Part III

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Understanding the principles that emerge from Supreme Court decisions enables educators to make the best decisions in either allowing or restricting student expression. There are a number of factors that influence such a decision, and this course provides educators with the tools to legally approach such matters.

Learning Objectives

  1. Teachers will understand the four Supreme Court decisions concerning student
    freedom of expression in the public schools.
  2. Teachers will be able to apply the Supreme Court’s First Amendment Precedents to
    other student speech controversies.
  3. Teachers will have the tools to address controversial issues in student expression with a foundation of legal understanding.

About the Author

David Schimmel, J.D.

David Schimmel, J.D.

David Schimmel, J.D. is Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and from 1999 to 2010 was Visiting Professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. He is author of over 70 articles and co-author of 8 books about law and education, including Teachers and the Law, 9th Ed. (2015).

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