Educator Well-being Part I

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Join me with some simple stretches to build your body awareness and self-compassion. We are connecting our body sensations with our feelings, wants, and needs. We are empowering educators using regulation strategies in order to build resiliency. Small moments of awareness repeated throughout the day can lead to downstream good health.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore some stretching practices.
  • Learn about the poly-vagal nervous system and bio-hacks to help produce immediate relaxation.
  • Explore your own Social Emotional Learning to benefit others.

About the Author

Christy Anana

Christy Anana

Christy Lynn Anana, M.Ed., NBCT, RYT, is a national board certified school counselor, registered yoga teacher, and author of 3 books: I Can Feel Better: A Tapping Story, and A Finder of Lost Things, and Five Best Days to Runaway. She is passionate about learning new ways to help people let go of stress and trauma. She uses yoga, mindfulness, tapping, EMDR, and Rainbow Dance as ways to promote self-regulation, attachment, and competency. She is continuously looking for ways to help people do their best, make good friends, and have room in their bodies for happy feelings/thoughts. Christy was named 2015 Washington School Counselor of the Year.

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  • Video (12:03)
  • Building a Stretching/Grounding routine