Child Study Team Part I

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When a child is referred to the CST, the referral question is generally designed around the challenge or issue identified by the classroom teacher. When that referral is made, the process unfolds through a process of evaluation and negotiation between team members, including the parents. Looking into that process and the difficulties that emerge help educators feel prepared to support the student's best interest.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what makes a child eligible for the CST.
  2. Learn what course the CST takes for many students.
  3. Consider how parent and team members navigate differences.



About the Author

Karen D'Avino

Karen D'Avino

After twenty-three years in education, the philosophy I embrace has been inspired by many educators, coaches, mentors, and leaders. The belief that all children can learn and be successful is a fundamental tenet.

The exciting recent changes in education allow equity and access for all students, across all communities in our country. The daily implementation of technology, innovation, and a growth mindset coupled with a caring, nurturing environment are essential for student growth.

As the need for mental health support and prevention increases, I believe we will see another shift in education, where social emotional learning is at the forefront.

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