504 Plan Part II

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Examine the different  metrics used to make decisions around  evaluations and accommodations. Understand the roles of the committee or if parents use independent evaluations. This superintendent concludes this engagement by discussing common recommendations suggested by many CST committees for medical, psychological, and behavioral concerns. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about the value and process for evaluations as part of the 504 plan.
  2. Consider the use of independent evaluations schools or parents may suggest.
  3. Consider over ten different accommodations currently suggested in 504 plans.


About the Author

Karen D'Avino

Karen D'Avino

After twenty-three years in education, the philosophy I embrace has been inspired by many educators, coaches, mentors, and leaders. The belief that all children can learn and be successful is a fundamental tenet.

The exciting recent changes in education allow equity and access for all students, across all communities in our country. The daily implementation of technology, innovation, and a growth mindset coupled with a caring, nurturing environment are essential for student growth.

As the need for mental health support and prevention increases, I believe we will see another shift in education, where social emotional learning is at the forefront.

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