Self/Classroom Improvement through coaching

Every great leader requires a lifetime of support, and continuing education from mentors, coaches and experts.

A multitude of systemic influences can interfere with an educator's motivation and longevity.  

The demand for higher productivity and effectiveness from every individual is critical to sustain success. Our professional coaching courses explicitly target maximizing your potential and enhancing your strengths.

At the heart of coaching is a thought-provoking process that helps people pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience and commitment.  

Our team of expert coaches leverage contemporary insights of human behavior to help you understand where you are, where you want to go and the most efficient and effective path to get there.


Choose Your Delivery

Sometimes taking time away from your busy schedule just isn’t an option. Our coaching services can be delivered via email, live by phone, virtually, or a mix of the two. Individual coaching allows for great flexibility with mode and method. Group coaching is less flexible but offers the benefits from a deeper support system.


Choose Your Length

If you are not interested in a more structured time limited approach, we will customize your coaching objectives. While three, six, and twelve-month plans are most common, some prefer to have a less structured approach.


Choose Your Type

We offer both one-on-one coaching experiences and group coaching experiences.


Our one-on-one coaching experiences include:

  • 60 minute Framework & fit introductory call
  • Coaching assessment
  • Applicable reading recommendations and learning tools to aid in development
  • Telephone and email support between sessions to support goals
  • Bi-monthly 50-minute coaching sessions
  • 2-hour assessment feedback and goal setting session

 Our group coaching experiences include:

  • Bi-Monthly, 2-Hour Group Coaching
  • Applicable reading recommendations and learning tools to aid in development
  • Groups are formed based on common objectives


To request coaching, contact us here.