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Principals Teaching the Law: 10 Legal Lessons Your

Ensure your staff understands the most important principles of school law!

Research shows that most teachers are uninformed or misinformed about the rights of students and teachers and expect their principals to advise them. This book equips school leaders with a professional development curriculum for training teachers on legal topics that affect their everyday work. Organized into 10 ready-made lessons, this resource includes:

One-hour sessions on critical topics such as student discipline, special education, and freedom of expression
Warm-up activities, objectives, a summary of legal principles, application activities, and assessments for each session
An online supplement with handouts and lesson plans

Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Learning Communities Tra

Growing evidence supports the important relationship between trauma and academic failure. Along with the failure of ''zero tolerance'' policies to resolve issues of school safety and a new understanding of children's disruptive behavior, educators are changing the way they view children's academic and social problems. In response, the trauma-sensitive schools movement presents a new vision for promoting children's success. This book introduces this promising approach and provides K-5 education professionals with clear explanations of current research and dozens of practical, creative ideas to help them:

* View poor academic and social progress through a trauma-sensitive lens.

* Create a school climate that fosters safety and resiliency in vulnerable children.

* Establish relationships with children that support their efforts to self-regulate.

* Design instruction that reflects the social nature of the brain.

* Work with the brain's neuroplasticity to increase children's executive functioning.

* Reduce teacher attrition in high-risk schools by decreasing secondary traumatic stress.

* Influence educational reforms by aligning them with current research on the prevalence of childhood trauma and its effects on learning.

Integrating research on children's neurodevelopment and educational best practices, this important book will build the capacity of teachers and school administrators to successfully manage the behavior of children with symptoms of complex developmental trauma.

Reaching and Teaching Children Who Hurt

Each year hundreds of thousands of children in the United States experience trauma—such as abuse, neglect, or community violence—that creates tough obstacles to academic achievement and social success. Now there's a practical, strategy-filled book that shows educators how to reach and teach students exposed to trauma.

Through clear and readable explanations of current research and enlightening vignettes, educators will understand how violence and other forms of trauma affect the key elements of a child's school and social success, including behavior, attention, memory, and language. Then they'll find dozens of simple, creative ideas—easy to use in any classroom, on any budget—that show them how to

adapt instruction to address the learning characteristics of children exposed to trauma
help students develop the most important skills they need to succeed in school
use positive behavior supports so children can stay calm and focused on learning
build meaningful, appropriate, and supportive teacher-student relationships
encourage positive peer relationships through cooperative games, group projects, and buddy systems
provide predictable routines that instill a sense of safety and control
avoid burnout and reduce the effects of "compassion fatigue"
integrate a trauma-sensitive perspective across an entire school

Throughout the book, realistic sample scenarios demonstrate how teachers can make the strategies work in their classroom, and challenging What Would You Do? quizzes sharpen educators' instincts so they can respond skillfully in difficult situations. With this timely, much-needed guidebook, education professionals will create supportive classrooms and schools that meet the complex learning needs of children who hurt—and help the most vulnerable students build resilience and hope.

Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Windows 10: Interm

No matter what your depth or range of experience, the practical, user-friendly MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10: INTERMEDIATE can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to effectively navigate and utilize basic and more sophisticated features of Microsoft Windows 10. Part of the acclaimed Shelly Cashman Series, this useful book offers a trademark step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach that encourages you to expand your understanding of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system through experimentation, exploration, and learning by doing. You�ll find hands-on features and accompanying online resources specifically designed to equip you with more advanced skills that help you maximize the advantages of MS Windows 10.

The Perfection Deception

The Perfection Deception: Why Striving to Be Perfect Is Sabotaging Your Relationships, Making You Sick, and Holding Your Happiness Hostage

When Dr. Jane Bluestein would tell someone that she just finished writing a book on perfectionism, the common reaction was a blank stare followed by the question, 'What's wrong with perfectionism?' Indeed, most people mistakenly confuse perfectionism with a healthy striving for excellence―but there is a big difference. One can lead to great achievement (or at least great learning) and the other is a psychological wound, the voice of the inner critic that screams 'failure,' 'loser,' or 'fraud,' regardless of the authenticity of our efforts, progress, or success.

Over the years, Dr. Bluestein has seen the toxic and corrosive effects of perfectionism on people's thinking, their bodies, their relationships, their work, and their sense of worth: now she exposes the truth: perfectionism is actually a mask for a fear of making mistakes, a desperate need to avoid negative judgments and rejection.

For those who are bound by the impossible demands of perfectionism and those who feel bound by someone else's perfectionistic standards, Dr. Bluestein emphatically shows that perfectionism is not a good thing, and it's not remotely the same as doing your best. Through personal interviews and the latest research, she explores how our culture fuels the dysfunction, how perfectionism develops, and how it can hurt our physical, mental, and social well-being. Further, she provides practical strategies for moving toward authenticity and wholeness to live with confidence, self-fulfillment, and happiness.

Look Mom, I'm the Dumest One in My Class!

Look Mom, I'm the Dumest One in My Clas!: One Boy's Dyslexic Journey

Look Mom, I’m the Dumest One in My Clas is the true story of nine-year-old Sky Rota, who during the fourth grade discovers he is severely dyslexic, a disorder Sky and his parents aren’t familiar with.

Sky and his parents quickly learn dyslexia comes with as many gifts as it does challenges. Hopeful that his school would be understanding and help him embrace and develop his unique methods of learning, they soon realized that they would have to fight for him. Instead of encouraging Sky, his teachers punish him for his “weaknesses.” His school saw his dyslexia as a disability as well, labeling him as different and an outsider.

Join Sky as he and his family learn just how reluctant the education system is to accommodate the many different types of learners it’s supposed to teach. His bittersweet but ultimately uplifting journey of acceptance will prove that dyslexia is not a hindrance or disability – it’s a gift.

Super Immunity

Is there a secret to staying healthy? In his New York Times bestseller Super Immunity, Dr. Fuhrman offers a comprehensive guide to achieving and maintaining superior health. Based on the latest scientific research, Dr. Fuhrman explains how following his nutrient-dense, plant-rich Nutritarian diet will help you supercharge your immune system to protect your body against diseases ranging from the common cold to cancer. The book includes an in-depth discussion about the anti-cancer superfoods: Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds (G-BOMBS). The information in this book will enable you to seize control of your health like never before, by helping you put this knowledge into action — in your kitchen and in your life. Super Immunity includes 14 daily meal plans, and 88 recipes.

The End of Heart Disease

Dr. Fuhrman’s groundbreaking book, The End of Heart Disease, will show you how eating the right foods can make it almost impossible for you to have a heart attack. Based on the latest research in nutritional science, the book offers a detailed plan to prevent and reverse heart disease by following the nutrient-dense, plant-rich Nutritarian diet. The book will teach you how to achieve sustainable weight loss; lower and normalize your blood pressure and LDL cholesterol; lower your fasting glucose levels and resolve type 2 diabetes; restore your normal bowel function; improve your immune function; and maintain your youthful vigor as you age. The End of Heart Disease includes 14 daily meal plans and 94 recipes.

The End of Diabetes

In his New York Times bestseller, The End of Diabetes, Dr. Fuhrman offers a scientifically proven, practical program to reverse type 2 diabetes through nutritional excellence, rather than drugs — and explains how type 1 diabetics can use this plan to dramatically improve their condition. By following this clearly-outlined plan, which is based on Dr. Fuhrman’s nutrient-dense, plant-rich Nutritarian diet, most type 2 diabetics can get off their medications and become 100 percent free of diabetes, while most type 1 diabetics can cut their insulin in half and maintain excellent health and quality of life into old age. The book’s overall message is that nutritional excellence, not medication, is the prescription for getting rid of diabetes. The End of Diabetes includes 14 daily meal plans and 58 recipes.

The End of Dieting

The End of Dieting, Dr. Fuhrman’s New York Times bestseller, explores the science of health, nutrition and weight loss, and shows you why you’ll never have to diet again. The book provides a simple and effective strategy to achieve and maintain your optimal weight by following Dr. Fuhrman’s nutrient-dense, plant-rich Nutritarian diet. By presenting nutrition strategies that are easy to implement, regardless of your time restraints, food preferences or past dietary failures, The End of Dieting will free you forever from a merry-go-round of fad diets. In the book, Dr. Fuhrman reviews the dangers of popular diets, explains the life-threatening dangers of traditional “calorie restricting” diets, and debunks the fake “science” of popular fad diets. The End of Dieting includes 14 daily meal plans and 76 recipes.

Eat To Live Cookbook

Dr. Fuhrman’s New York Times bestseller, Eat to Live Cookbook: 200 Delicious Nutrient-Rich Recipes for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Reversing Disease, and Lifelong Health makes it easy to incorporate the nutrient-dense, plant-rich Nutritarian diet into your busy lifestyle. Packed with 200 easy-to-prepare recipes, the Eat to Live cookbook has helped millions prepare delicious Nutritarian meals that support their goals of sustainable weight loss and life-long health. It’s perfect for the seasoned Nutritarian cook, as well as for those who are just learning about Dr. Fuhrman’s unique approach to nutrition. The introduction reviews the fundamentals of the Nutritarian diet and provides a guide to choosing the best ingredients. The Eat to Live Cookbook includes recipes by Dr. Fuhrman and some world-class Nutritarian chefs.

School Health & Psychosocial Emotional Learning

This book follows 15 educators from across the country who share their personal and professional journeys. Dr. Scherz illustrates how psychosocial emotional learning is the key to longevity and impact. Utilizing a gestalt framework, Dr. Scherz demonstrates how a developmental and top down model helps to create a school culture conducive to personal growth. If educators embody the principles of PSEL, they will feel more invested in their work and more likely to emulate the tasks for meeting their own needs. There has never been a more important time to consider the intersection of organizational health and individual wellness.