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Creating Emotionally Safe Schools

This thoroughly readable, research-based book covers all the bases—including, social, neurological, emotional, academic, cultural and physical factors that impact the emotional climate of a school, and how safe schools feel to the people who spend their time there.

Topics include:
• safety and the brain
• childhood stress, coping, and compention
• body and mind
• violence in kids’ lives
• the changing role of school
• the need for community
• the school as a dysfunctional family
• failure, discrimination, and belonging
• testing and feedback
• temperament and labels
• different ways of learning and being “smart”
• discipline and behavioral issues
• resiliency and social competence
• the physical environment
• teacher safety, training and support
• the role of the administrator
• parents and community

Discover the many contributing factors in this groundbreaking sourcebook on emotional safety in schools, with research, facts, and personal anecdotes capable of changing the state of education.